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10 Common Travel Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

10 Common Travel Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

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Travelling to a new destination can be so exciting that in the rush of adrenaline, a few of us forget just the most important basics, or generally overlook important details. Here is a list of some aspects you need to note as gathered from travelers on Jovago.com

Going Bonkers on Deals and Discounts

Deals are great, but we all confess to getting too carried away in the hot-sale pitch. It’s important that you take time and scrutinize the offer lest you end up spending half your budget on places and services or passes which you actually could do without.

Remedy: Before you hit the PAY button for that irresistible deal, compare your travel expenses: flight, accommodation, trips and shopping, note down just how much you are saving without straying off the original plan of your trip.

Uncompromising on Dates, Inflexible Planning

Travel experts advise on Tuesday and Wednesday as the best days for travel, flight-wise. The variation in price can change from just a few dollars to hundreds of dollars that could mean one more day on your vacation.

Remedy: Instead of working on fixated dates, choose a suitable …read more

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