December 27, 2018 IBOMLLC Team

10 Habits that will make your Laptop’s Lifespan Longer

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These days, our digital devices are an extension of ourselves. For some, our laptop, tablet, or smartphone are our lifeline. So it is important that these devices be in top performance for as long as possible.

In this article, we are going to share some tips that will go a long way towards extending your laptop’s usefulness to your digital needs.

#1 – Better Battery charging habits

We love laptops because they let us compute while unwired, and for them to enable us to do so, they are powered by batteries. Well, rechargeable batteries to be precise! That means it is imperative that your laptop battery gives you as many hours in between charge as much as possible.

Keeping your laptop plugged in for a long time will kill your battery faster because they are made up of lithium-polymer, which gets damage when exposed to high temperatures for an extended period. Experts recommend removing your charger when the battery re-charge level hits 80%, and plug it again when it drops to 40%. Experts believe that this charging habit can prolong the battery lifespan up to four times.

#2 – Shut …read more

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