October 12, 2018 IBOMLLC Team

10 Ways to Make Your Mac, MacBook more Secure

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Keeping data secure and maintaining privacy is a key factor. Mac security is usually overlooked, but it is very important. Taking steps to protect yourself will minimize hacker attacks. Here are 10 ways to make your Mac, MacBook more secure.

  • Turn on the Firewall
    Firewall blocks unwanted incoming network connections. Open Systems Preferences and click on Security & Privacy. Click the turn-on firewall button. Then, click on firewall options and enable Stealth Mode Box.
  • Use a Password
    In the Security & Privacy settings, set a password for your Mac if you haven’t done so. Set a firmware password which will block other users from changing the boot device. Also, disable automatic login. To disable automatic login, open accounts tab in System Preferences. Click on login options and set off automation login.
  • Administrator Account
    Use administrator account only when you have to do system administration tasks. For other daily activities, create a non-administrative account in the accounts tab of System Preferences.
  • Software Update
    Regularly update the software as it is very important for protecting your Mac. Under the System Preferences tab, click on software update. Ensure that “check for updates” is enabled and set …read more

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