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12 Best Cars Which Stole the Show at 2017 Shanghai Auto Show

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Shanghai Auto Show of 2017 welcomed companies, car enthusiasts and vehicle experts around the world. Famous car companies showcased amazing new cars at the auto show of Shanghai. Some of the best cars showed at the event are as follows.

This amazing concept of Vision E was a stunner at the 2017 Shanghai Auto Show.

This one of the best cars showcased at the Shanghai Car show. It is ERX5 crossover from Shanghai Automotive’s Roewe brand. This car is made by Britian’s famous car brand, Rover.

BYD’s Dynasty crossover concept stole the 2017 Shanghai Automotive show. Legendary investor Warren Buffett has a major investment in BYD.

Hongqi launched its original S-Concept in the Shanghai Car show 2017. Hongqi is China’s major automotive car brand.

The famous car company Lynk & Co launched its new 01 crossover, also known as the ‘Digital Crossover’.

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