March 23, 2016 IBOMLLC Team

14 Best, Funniest and Epic Tweets of All Time…#9 Is Just…. Amazing

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Twitter turned 10 recently. It’s hard to believe. Back in 2006, it all started with a single tweet. People didn’t believe that Twitter would change the way we interact. People often laughed at the logo (that weird bird), follow model, DM, and all the other features of Twitter which are used by more than 600 million users every month.

Perhaps the best way to commemorate the birth of Twitter is to look back and see the best tweets of all time. I will show you the funniest, most exciting and epics tweets ever made on Twitter in these ten long years. Let’s get started.

Best Tweets Ever

1. Here is Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, posting up a random Twitter on “Twttr” to set up his account. Who knew!

2. This picture from Ellen is one of the most retweeted tweets on Twitter till date. This picture got more than a million retweets within thirty minutes. Just imagine!

3. Do you know that Hashtag feature was proposed by a Twitter user? Yes! Chris Messina was a power user on Twitter when one fine day he …read more

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