June 13, 2019 IBOMLLC Team

16 African Universities to benefit from IBM Quantum Computer program

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IBM has launched a new Quantum computer program in Africa that will engage 16 universities across the continent. The big tech company made the announcement at the Wits University in South Africa when it further revealed that the universities will be roped into the program from nine countries on the continent.

The Quantum computer, named IBM Q, uses quantum bits (qubits) giving it super advanced computing capability way out of reach of even the most advanced supercomputers.

Q systems are designed to one-day tackle problems… seen as too complex and exponential in nature for classical systems to handle,” said IBM in a statement. The IBM Q could tackle complex problems in various spheres such as financial data analysis, optimization of logistics, mining, natural resources management, and minimizing global financial risks among others.

It’s not your usual ones and zeros. It’s about the superposition of states to create qubit,” said Solomon Assefa, the VP of IBM Research Africa while explaining how IBM Q works.

Because of that, and that it has so many different states, the amount of computing you can do becomes exponential.”

The African universities will be accessing the …read more

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