August 27, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

6 Best Free Music Players for Windows PC and Mobile

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We all need a good, reliable music player in our lives. Millions of people use Windows computers daily and the search for the best free music player for Windows devices is still on. In this article we will enlist some of the best music players which you could use to satisfy all your music needs. These players will let you manage your playlists, stream songs, search and organize songs and much more.

Music Bee

Music Bee is perhaps the best and most powerful music players for Windows. This software scans your complete PC and lets you import each and every song stored in your computer. The best thing about this music player is its tagging feature, which lets you compile thousands of songs and search among them within seconds. You can also set singer photos, names and titles with every song. You can also play songs in this player and control them, play/rewind and stop, switch playlists using the Music Bee Android app. You can also listen to podcasts using this music player.


AIMP lets you make several playlists and import songs with diverse file formats. …read more

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