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6 Best New Android Games

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Casual gaming has practically shifted to mobile platforms. Even if are a hardcore console gamer, best new mobile games never stop to intrigue you. You can spend a lot of fun time during travel or daily routine with these new games. Let’s take a look at the most latest Android games.

Best New Android Games

Dragon Sword

This is a classic, traditional adventure game in which a character, named Ryu, goes on an adventure, in jungles, ice forests, deserts and forbidden places. Dragon Sword has decent graphics and a log of attention-grabbing features to qualify as one of the best new games which have got solid attention within hours of its launch.

Agricola All Creatures

This game is getting blasting number of downloads these days. Agricola features farming, animal breeding using which you eventually build your farm, grow vegetables and hire workers and labor. You can buy seeds, beat your neighbors by surpassing the quality of their farms.

FIE Swordplay

It’s a fighting game totally based on swords. You build your characters and learn new sword tricks to beat your computer enemy and others in multiplayer mode. You …read more

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