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7 Best Beaches in the World for Tourists, Couples and Backpackers


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Beaches and seas have always fascinated mankind since its inception. If you are looking to visit a beach, here are some of the best beaches in the world for tourists.

Best Beaches in the World for Tourists

Marietas Islands, Mexico

This beach is also known as the ‘Hidden Beach’ as it comes to view rather surprisingly from the sky. There is a beautiful, big rock ring along this beach. But this beach is mostly reserved beforehand and is used for honeymoons and lovemaking. You will need to reserve this beach weeks before your actual plan.


One Foot Island, Cook Islands

This is one of the best beaches of the world for tourists. This is the place where the famous series ‘Survivor’ was filmed. Cook Islands beaches are deep into the Pacific You will find a lot of tourists from New Zealand and Australia here.

Lazy Beach, Cambodia

This beach is located in the Gulf of Thailand. As the name suggests, this beach is perfect for lazy holidays and relaxing. You can fix your hammock besides the long palm tree line and chill out.

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