July 9, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

7 Secrets Poker Stars Do Not Want You To Know

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Poker isn’t like casual gambling where you style up and go in without having and strategy or goals in mind. Poker is a skill, and every skill has its own secrets. Here are some of the best Poker secrets Poker stars don’t want you to know.

Secrets Poker Stars Don’t Want You To Know

The Importance of Bankroll

Taking into account your bankroll while playing Poker is the single most important thing you should know. Hundreds of players go broke daily, just because they think they could roll a little more at the Poker table because they won initially. You should know your limits and pack up when it’s time. If you are a beginner Poker player, never go all in.

When to Call, Raise or Fold

Consistency in the moves is a key in Poker. Calling, raising or Folding shouldn’t be out of the blue. There are certain rules which you should know. Calling is mostly considered as weak in Poker. Always give a vibe of aggression in Poker to confuse your opponents. How to confuse others in Poker? By raising as much as possible. Raising means either …read more

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