December 15, 2016 IBOMLLC Team

8 Biggest Science Discoveries and Technology Breakthroughs of 2016

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In the massive influx of news, we oft-times do not pay attention to the real, life-changing stuff that is happening around us. Science discoveries and innovations is a perpetual process. From the deep caves of the cradle of humanity in Africa to the darkness hundreds of feet under the Arctic, scientists and researchers are working endlessly to solve science mysteries, create new things and save the future of humanity and our planet. In 2016, there were some breathtaking, fateful science discoveries that took place.

99 million-years Dinosaur Tail Found

Perhaps the biggest science discovery of 2016 was when scientists found a 99 million-years old amber fossil in which there was a hidden and preserved feathered tail of a dinosaur. Paleontologists say that this historic find will help juxtaposing the evolution of the bird family of which flying dinosaurs were a part. The tail is of a juvenile dinosaur whose size was probably not more than that of a sparrow.

Nuclear energy from Diamonds

Scientists and researchers at the University of Bristol invented a method of harnessing nuclear waste within diamonds into a battery, which can provide energy for “thousands …read more

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