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9 Game of Thrones Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

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Game of Thrones craze is sweeping across the world. The show is filled with adventure, drama and thrill. There are several facts about Game of Thrones which you will be amazed to know.

Turkish Army Banned Game of Thrones Because of Too Much Sex

Game of Thrones was banned by the Turkish army due to the sexually explicit scenes frequently shown in the TV show. In fact, an officer was fined after he allowed the cadets to watch some episodes of GoT.

Valyrian Steel is Real

Valyrian steel is perhaps the only item in Game of Thrones which has its roots in the real world. The inspiration for Valyrian steel is Damascus steel, which is the most popular steel in the world. It has a rippled surface just like that of Valyrian.

Iwan Rheon Was Close to Getting the Role of Jon Snow

Iwan Rheon- Ramsay Baratheon- was very close the getting the character of Jon Snow. But in the last audition came Kit Harington, who got the character at the spot.

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