April 19, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

9 Reasons Why Samsung Galaxy S8 is Way Better than iPhone 7, 6

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Samsung has gotten the attention of the smartphone market, this time in a positive way (not with fiery batteries). Samsung Galaxy 8 is unlike all other phones in the market. They are stunning to look at, seething with new features and graceful. When it comes to iPhone VS Samsung Galaxy S8, the latter surpasses the former, because the Korean phone giant didn’t leave any gaps and loopholes in its shiny new blockbuster device. Here are some of the new features of Galaxy S8 which make it superior to iPhone 7.

Unlocking Phone, Folder with Iris Scanner

Samsung Galaxy S8 has an iris scanner which could be used to unlock the phone. You can also use this Iris scanner to protect and secure your data. For example, you can apply the Iris lock on a folder and make sure it won’t be opened unless it gets an approval from your eye. iPhone doesn’t have this feature iPhone is still running the fingerprint scanning security, which looks outdated after Galaxy S8.

Unlocking Phone with a Selfie

Samsung Galaxy S8 can also be unlocked by quickly taking a selfie. It’s basically …read more

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