November 2, 2016 IBOMLLC Team

A Power Generator running on Saltwater to that produces Electricity

A Power Generator that produces Electricity from Saltwater

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The Earth surface is covered with more water than land; it’s actually 71% water. Of which 96.5% is saltwater existing as oceans, seas, and salt lakes. The remaining 29% is fresh water. However, 68% of that freshwater is locked up underground, leaving 32% fresh water accessible to human consumption. [Source >>]

The 71% of saltwater has greater potential for serving mankind, other than fishing and means of transport. One of which is electrical energy production, and in various forms with varying degree of economic cost of setting up the plant. One of the cheapest being, producing energy using the osmosis kinetic energy (by atoms) at the intersection of saltwater and freshwater.

From the uninformed eye, the point where a river drains into the ocean or sea has a lot of reaction due to the difference in the two bodies of water salinity levels. A new research has found a way to exploit this reaction to create a massive source of electricity.


To appreciate this technology, think of a tub with a semi-permeable membrane at the center. One side of the membrane has saltwater, while the …read more

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