June 20, 2019 IBOMLLC Team

About Google Stadia, launch date, pricing, and game title ready for play

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Google decided to put its mighty weight behind the gaming industry, and we expect significant disruption in that market. If you are a die-hard gamer, I bet you are twitching to get your hands on the Google Stadia control pads and start leveling up your game.

However, the Stadia console will be a stream-first and stream-only gaming rig. Unlike the traditional gaming rigs, we have had from Sony and Microsoft that uses Blu Ray Disks or downloaded games. Google Stadia games will stream online, which will be a hard sell to consumers in regions with slow, unreliable, and expensive internet connection.

You can access Stadia games through the Chrome browser, meaning gamers will be able to play the game from a wide range of platforms. You will not need to buy the Stadia. Your current laptop might be good enough to access the Stadia title and get you gaming in an instant provided you have reliable, fast, and consistent internet connection.

Other goodies packs that come with Google Stadia

High-end Visual Experience: With Stadia, much of the heavy graphics works will be done by the Google servers (not natively …read more

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