November 1, 2016 IBOMLLC Team

Addicaid Apps Helps You Fight Addictions In a Unique Way


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Millions of people are suffering addictions of some sort around the world. Substance abuse, binge watching TV series and YouTube, gaming, porn, drinking and whatnot, addiction could make the life’s growth graph nosedive. It is vital to fight addiction with everything you have. Technology, thankfully, has made people help each other in unimaginable ways. A new app called ‘Addicaid’ helps people fight addiction in a unique way. Addicaid recently made it to the finalists list of a health app completion conducted by Harvard Business School and Harvard Medical School.

Addicaid has custom-made treatment plans and therapies which users can use anytime they want free of cost. This app uses data to its optimal level to show the real causes and effects of different addictions. The app shows graphs, historical data and number of people going through the addictions in unique ways. You can also make, change and share your treatment plans, routines and ways to fight addictions.

Addicaid has also a social factor which makes fighting addiction easy. Firstly, this app was made by people who have fought and beat addictions in their pasts. Then there …read more

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