June 9, 2016 IBOMLLC Team

Alphabet wants to beam High-Speed Internet (1Gbps) to American Homes

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You might ask yourself, by Alphabet, Google’s parent company going out of its way to help you get online on a faster more reliable internet connection, is it actually helping you or helping itself. Well, no doubt that will be a boon for its business and at the same time you get faster and reliable internet connection.

Nonetheless, Alphabet says it has developed a new technology that can beam high-speed internet to homes wirelessly and it will be cheaper than digging up ground to lay down fiber optic cables. Alphabet Chairman Eric Schmidt broke this news during the company’s annual shareholder meeting held on Wednesday.

Schmidt says with the advancements in computer chips and targeting wireless signals technology makes “point-to-point” wireless internet connections much “cheaper than digging up your garden.”

Schmidt was rooting for the technology before the company’s shareholders saying experts think they can achieve 1 gigabit per second internet connections. Speeds equivalent to the Google Fiber unit that currently provide fiber-optic cables across five states in the U.S.

Schmidt said on Tuesday he went over the issue with Alphabet’s Chief Executive Larry Page, and Chief …read more

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