November 7, 2016 IBOMLLC Team

An old written off Helicopter turned an Amphibious Road Racer

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A helicopter was meant to be airborne. That is where it is best known and loved for all the complicated maneuvers fixed winged aircraft cannot do. Road racing and amphibious activity just not one of the activities choppers are known for; unless you’re talking about hovering over land and water. But that’s not all Jeff Bloch, a D.C police officer, and a novelty car builder sees when he looks at a chopper.

Especially if it is an old 1969 OH-58 Kiowa helicopter that was used in the Vietnam War, flew the U.S. federal drugs task force and been taken apart and sold in parts. What remained of it, floated away in Nashville, Tennessee during the floods and should have been left to decompose in a junkyard somewhere.

But Bloch has a keen eye for finding innovation among written off, junk yard bound old machinery. And that is precisely what he did to the old bird that was on its way to a retirement home somewhere in the junkyard. Bloch got the chopper as a donation and called up 16 of his mates to put their heads together …read more

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