January 5, 2019 IBOMLLC Team

Android Messages can now block Spam SMS

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As far as telecommunication devices usage, humans have come a long way. From those early days when one had to have an actual hardcover phonebook to store contacts, to now when we are moving around with mobile phones and smartphones in our pockets. However, this growth has also opened new ways for marketers, who now have the ability to follow us wherever we go..

Though these days it is particularly hard for marketers, no let us use the appropriate word, spammers, to make voice calls to potential clients trying to solicit them to buy their product or service. And that is thanks to Caller ID, which can be set to automatically block these spam callers alongside any unwanted calls.

However, they have mostly been able to get through to customers via SMS text messages. Though there are various options for phone users to block unwanted SMS, there are (comparatively speaking) fewer option to block those that are spam.

Well, in that list of few, you can now add Google’s Android Messages. Google has over the years been tweaking this app bringing in one useful feature after the other …read more

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