December 15, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

AOL to officially retire its instant messenger AIM today

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At the height of its popularity in the mid-1990s, America Online (AOL) was the de facto channel majority of Americans used to get online. AOL was then what Google and Facebook have become right now.

The company elicited such loyalty the CD-ROM manufacturer has the ubiquitous AOL printed on their backside. The company offered the first mass cohort of computer users free access to the internet at a flat fee; at the time Americans paid $19.99 for unlimited internet access per month.

Half of the internet users in the U.S. were on AOL, and the company had set a stage for social evolution by introducing a new paradigm of collective relationship with technology and ourselves.

Come 1997; the company launched the AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), which allowed all AOL users chat with one another online via text and in real time. However, new internet companies such as Google and Yahoo came along and overthrew it as a leader in the cyberspace.

These days, what remains of AOL is a distant memory of the very old internet users. Today’s youths almost don’t know of its existence, and if they do, …read more

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