March 12, 2018 IBOMLLC Team

Apple releases a new Made For iPhone (MFI) logo for 3rd Party Products

Made For iPhone

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If you own an Apple product, then you should know the company does not produce most of the accessories that you would like to go with your MacBook, iPhone, iPad, or iPod. Usually, the best accessories for these products come from third-party players, who produce accessories that are certified by Apple. For your smartphone, they usually bear the MFI mark; meaning ‘Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod.’

Getting an Apple-approved accessory always means your device will be fully compatible. It also means the accessory has to pose no threats of damaging your iDevice; there are charges, headphones, cases and other accessories that make your device perform poorly or leads to damage with long time use.

Accessories with MFI logo have Apple certification, and Apple devices users have been looking out for this logo whenever they go shopping for iDevice accessories. Well, the next time you go shopping for Apple-certified accessories by the third parties you need to look for the following logo.

Apple has released a new logo for third-party accessories. This new update will continue to serve as the now-defunct MFI logo, and Apple has given third players 90 days …read more

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