June 21, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

Apple’s next iPhone might have a lot in common with Google Glass

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At the last WDC, it became clear that Apple is ready to dive into the Augmented Reality (AR) waters. Which begs the question, how will the Apple use AR; a sector that entails using a screen to overlay digital objects onto the real world? Steven Milunovich, a UBS Securities analysts thinks Apple is about to create its own version of the Google Glass as cited by The Washington Post.

We all know that despite of all the great capabilities Google Glass had (or has), it is far from being said a success. At least not in the measures Google as a company is know for! That aside, Apple has already demonstrated its capabilities in the AR waters; it has used an iPhone to overlay interactive board game onto a real table.

Milunovich has suggest ten additional applications Apple could have in the AR space. Some of which Apple has already implemented, like AR in gaming and retail industry. Milunovich see more Apple AR application in job training, medical diagnosis, facial recognition, and directing people to safety in the event of an emergency. More or less like how …read more

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