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Are You A Newly Nursing Mother? Then These 6 Apps Are A Must Have

Are You A Newly Nursing Mothers? Then This 6 Apps Are A Must Have

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On average it takes about 3.8 months for nursing mother to return to work after giving birth; that is according to a U.S. – based study. Now, however we’d all want to make this our all-time savior, we all agree that you’ll be testing patience and boundaries if you haven’t picked your boardroom game face by the second week of resuming! Whether you are a new mom, been at it for months or just zooming into the future perspective of balancing the nursery and the boardroom; getting a little help from techie world is certainly welcome. Here is a list of mommy-friendly apps that will help you adjust to your new routine as well as maintain a fulfilling relationship with your little one.

Red Cross First Aid App

Accidents happen, and as the old wisdom of the Swahili goes, ajali haina kinga. This saying which loosely intimates to ‘accidents not being preventable’, only serves as a reminder to why we need to take some extra caution. This free app provides simple step-by-step instructions to guide you through common scenarios that could get fatal. The app ability to …read more

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