December 18, 2015 IBOMLLC Team

Ben Carson Cancels His Maiden Trip To ‘Homeland’ Kenya Citing Security Risks

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The United States Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson was to travel to Nigeria, Zamia and his ‘homeland’ Kenya later this month. On Thursday, his campaign made an announcement that Carson will not be traveling to Africa as earlier announced due to some security concerns in the region.

Carson’s campaign spokesman Doug Watts made a statement confirming the cancellation of the Africa trip. No depth details as to exactly what nature of security concerns prompted the cancellation of the trip.

Ben Carson has come under heavy attack of his lack of foreign policy experience. Experts believe Carson is trying to show critics that he is very well experienced in matters foreign affairs. His month’s trip month to Jordan to visit the Syrian refugees’ camps was interpreted as an orchestrated move to show critics that he has a good grasp on foreign policy.

His trip to Africa and his ‘homeland’ Kenya seems to be interpreted by critics as another attempt to prove his foreign policy experience. But if the recent Republican polls are anything to go by, Carson campaign seems to be facing an uphill battle …read more

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