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Best Addictive Facebook Games 2015

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Facebook has shown an explosive user growth over the past few years. More than 1.4 billion users use Facebook around the world. Facebook games are top addictions around the internet. The best thing about Facebook games is that you can play them on the go; no need to download and install, wait to suffer lags. Gone are the days when Facebook games were limited to blocks and Candy Crush; you have full-fledged action and strategy games on Facebook. Here are some of the best Facebook games in 2015 that you must play.

Best Facebook Games 2015


UberStrike is an MMO, FPS game which is played by millions around the world. It has a myriad of weapons from melee to ranged categories. You can buy and exchange weapons, wreak havoc on your enemies and maneuver along.

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Dungeon Rampage

Dungeon Rampage is full of dungeons filled with monsters. Your task is to clear off the dungeons to pave way for your friends. The game is endless addiction full of action.

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Legends: Rise of Hero

This game lets you choose a character, build it and unleash it on …read more

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