September 28, 2015 IBOMLLC Team

Best and Most Useful Websites on Internet Which Can Change Your Life

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Internet’s websphere may seem inundated with social media, videos, cats pics and entertainment which sometimes make it look like only a time waster but this post is going to change your perspective. There are some websites and tools which are truly incredible and could bring about a real change in your lives. You could not only kill time on these websites in the best possible way, you can make a routine to use them as they bring tangible results in your life. So here are the famous 20 useful websites which you should check out.

Useful Websites To Learn New Skills and Change Life

Khan Academy (Courses Website)

Online course websites are getting a huge hump these days, but there is no parallel to Khan Academy. From Math, Geography, Programming to Philosophy, Astronomy and Marketing, there is no skill and subject which is not taught here and that too at the best possible level. You should check out Khan Academy courses if you want learn new skills to make money or to get a job.

Justin Guitar (Guitar Skill Learning Website)

Guitar learning is a skill that could …read more

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