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Best Apps to Hide Your Photos and Videos in Android

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Everyone has some private moments. With smartphones at our disposal, we love to take some photos which we don’t want everyone to see except for some special people. But when the special moment is over, most people forget to delete the photos from smartphones, only to be shocked and humiliated when friends or family find out while carelessly sifting through your vacation photos. You can hide photos and videos in Android with some great free apps. These apps will keep all the intruders at bay and will allow you to hide photos in Android for later use or just to be on the safe side.

How to Hide Photos and Videos in Android

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Gallery Lock

Gallery Lock is a great app to hide private photos in Android. It lets you put all the photos in a folder and hide it. It does not even show its icon on the menu so that no one else could open it. In order to open the app icon, you will have to type asterisk (*) your password and …read more

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