November 6, 2016 IBOMLLC Team

Best, Coolest Tech Gadgets and Accessories To Buy Under $20

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Having tech gadgets and accessories makes life a lot easier. It’s sometimes unfathomable to imagine how little items could bring a change in our life, and make day to day tasks easy and fun. In this article, we will talk about the best tech gadgets and accessories under $20 budget. This budget is fairly affordable for almost everyone teenagers and college students.

Flash Drive

Online storage services and Cloud apps may seem ubiquitous, but they aren’t cheap. Google Drive Dropbox and OneDrive asks you to pay a lot of money once you cross their free storage space. That’s why you should always have a USB or flash drive. You can buy a 64GB-128GB USB or flash drive under $20 pretty easily.

Lock Port

A lock port if a nifty gadget to make sure your devices are safe. It also helps in tidying the wire clutter. You can buy famous lock ports made by companies like Kensington.

Bluetooth Keyboard

Yup! A Bluetooth keyboard comes under the budget of $20. In fact, the best Bluetooth keyword which you can pair with tablets and attach with your laptop and PC is …read more

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