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Best Online Racing Games 2018

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The best racing game is not only about graphics or sounds; it is more about pulling into the action so that it makes you feel like you are in the driving seat. Choosing the best racing game to play is not an easy task. A quality racing game just feels right. Here are the best online racing games 2018.

Best Online Racing Games 2018

Dirt Rally

It is one of the best online racing games 2018 developed by Codemasters. The racing happens to be on dirt tracks with many slidey sideways driving. In this racing game, you have to take care of your racing car at every stage. Thus, you learn to make strategies and resource management.

Forza Horizon 3

The racing game takes place at the Australian Outback where you have to not only race but build your Horizon festival. In this version, it abandons the main Forza personality traits of ‘serious’ and ‘steely’ and high-octane car festival takes its place. It has many hour-long endurance challenges. A road trip racing game you will never forget.

Project Cars 2

It is an ultimate racing experience. While playing …read more

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