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Best YouTube Channels for Chemistry Help

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Nowadays it is really easy to gain access to learning materials. YouTube has always been a great educational resource. This world’s second biggest search engine has a channel for you to learn Chemistry. Here are the best YouTube channels for Chemistry help.

Best YouTube Channels for Chemistry Help


The videos on SciShow channel are hosted by Hank Green. He covers many different topics that you can think of. His presenting style is so different, fast, and straightforward that your eyes get glues to the screen and you learn information without losing attention.

Periodic Videos

This channel has been there for more than 10 years. The channel produces video in collaboration with University of Nottingham. There are a lot of videos on the channel to help you learn Chemistry. The videos are short and digestible which doesn’t feel like you are trapped in a lecture hall.


A project by University of Manchester, CAMERA (Chemistry At Manchester Explains Research Advances) has a lot of short videos which shows the university’s chemistry department’s work. This channel is great to see and learn in the field of Chemistry.

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