January 23, 2018 IBOMLLC Team

Best YouTube tricks only used by Power Users

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YouTube has become a very important part of our infotainment lives. It can easily replace the conventional TV, and enable you to watch what you want when you want; video-on-demand is the term for it I believe.

However, no two YouTube users are the same; there are those who launch the app, search for video and tap on play. While there are the gurus who know of shortcut and functionality that make watching videos more enriching.

This article is for folks who are very familiar (or haven’t bothered to familiarize themselves) with the YouTube mobile app. There are features and functionality designed to improve your viewing experience. They are as follows:

#1 – Skip 10 seconds forward/ backward by Double Tapping

The latest YouTube app came with some really useful features. Now you can skip 10 seconds forward by double tapping the right side of the video, double tap on the left side and rewind back 10 seconds.

This feature improves video watching experience compared to the earlier functionality, where you were to tap and hold the seek bar and dragging it forward or backward. The old way was really …read more

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