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Biggest, Most Famous YouTube Channels

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YouTube is the most famous online video platform with billions of viewers daily. It is now a subsidiary of Google and gives billions of dollars in ads to the company. There are some of the best YouTube channels having millions of subscribers. You will be flabbergasted to know that these famous YouTubers make millions by making music, gaming, funny videos. Their subscribers are increasing exponentially with every single day. This article lists most famous YouTube channels. They have the biggest number of subscribers.

Best, Most Famous YouTube Channels


PewDiePie is currently one of the top famous YouTube channel, having 39,779,760 (over 39 million) subscribers and counting. This channel is run by Felix Kjellberg, a guy from Sweden who posts his video game playing experience on YouTube. He posts the video with on-game screen and a small screen showing his face. This gives the viewers a look at his funny reactions as well as the game dynamics.


Smosh in run by two teens, who post humoristic videos. The channels has 21 million subscribers and billions of daily page views, albeit the quality of humor isn’t that sophisticated. …read more

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