April 30, 2018 IBOMLLC Team

Bill Gates pledged $12 million for research into Universal Flu Vaccine

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Researchers working towards getting a universal flu vaccine are now a happy lot following a pledge by billionaire and philanthropist Bill Gates towards their research work. 2018 has seen quite a devastating flu season, and the quest to get a vaccine for the broad range of the flu virus has never seemed more urgent.

The donation from Gates will comes in two parts, half from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation while the other half from the family of Google co-founder Larry Page. The money will also be issued out in trenches of up to $2 million for the individual research projects “that are bold and innovative.” Though the $12 million boost is highly welcome, stakeholders are already questioning if it will be enough.

The big idea is that the $2 million trench paid out over a spread of two years would be enough to support research in collecting preliminary data in animal models. From there, only the most promising strategies would be granted paycheck of up to $10 million. Such strategies could be a step in the research where the scientists want to take a trial-vaccine …read more

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