November 28, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

Bitcoin Mining on Laptop: Everything You Need to Know

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Bitcoin mining is a trending topic as the price of bitcoin is soaring to new highs. A lot of people are not aware of the fact that you can make money by mining bitcoins. Bitcoin is a digital currency network which needs people to thrive. Mining is nothing but solving complex problems in order to validate transactions.

Bitcoin Mining on Laptop

But how do people make money through bitcoin mining? Well, bitcoin mining is “work” which machines put in. This work strengthens the bitcoin network and increases the supply of bitcoins. When you mine a bitcoin, that is, when a problem is solve by your bitcoin mining machine, you get a reward in the form of bitcoins. For example, last year, bitcoin miners used to get 12.5 bitcoins on mining a full block.

A lot of people are asking whether it is possible to mine bitcoins and make money on their laptops. Laptops, like any other computing machine, have chips and GPUs installed in them. But these chips don’t have a lot of capacity. Perhaps the most important thing in bitcoin mining is the requirement that the bitcoin …read more

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