April 16, 2018 IBOMLLC Team

Bloggers in Tanzania will need to pay $900 license fee before being allowed to blog

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Tanzania enjoys a vibrant blogging community with bloggers reporting and sharing their views on the various aspect of the society ranging from music and entertainment, sports, travel, lifestyle, economic affairs and even politics.

President John Magufuli began his term with a promise to deal with the corruption in public service. Indeed he made some very unprecedented moves during his initial months in office and quickly became popular for his brush and hands-on approach to dealing rot in Tanzania’s public service.

However, critics argue he has since gone overboard and become too authoritarian with zero patience with criticism and dissidents. President Magufuli has been accused of clamping down on freedom of expression and stifling the opposition.

In his tenure in office, a number of critical media outlets have been shut down and members of the opposition arrested and/or jailed. There is currently an air of no-tolerance of any ‘insults’ directed at the presidency.

The latest move by the Magufuli-led government to stifle dissident in Tanzania comes in the form of a new licensing fee for bloggers in the country. To blog in Tanzania, bloggers will first have to part with …read more

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