August 6, 2018 IBOMLLC Team

Captive Portal Login in Android Explained in Detail

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A captive portal login is a web page where the users have to input their login information or accept the displayed terms of use. Some networks use the captive portal login to block access until the user inputs some necessary information. Mostly it is used in hotel lobbies, airport, business centers, coffee shops and other places that provide free internet to customers. The captive portal login is presented to the client, which is stored on a web server or at the gate hosting that page. They are often used for commercial communication or marketing purposes.

What Is Captive Portal Login in Android

For example, if you are accessing a public-access network to open a website from your web browser. Instead of the website being downloaded, you are redirected to a captive portal login which asks you to agree to their terms of use. After you accept the terms, you are taken to the website you wanted to visit. In some captive portals, advertisements from provider’s sponsors are displayed which the user has to close to reach their required web page. Other captive portals require you to enter …read more

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