August 30, 2015 IBOMLLC Team

Cheap Holiday Tricks for your Next Vacation

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Whatever your tour operator or agent tells you, treat it as sales pitch! It’s utter brinkmanship as we all know; the end result is to nail that sale. So, as you prepare your next trip, keep in mind that you are better suited to get it cheaper with just a considerable amount of research. Here are a few tips from to lead you on a guaranteed saving scheme for your holiday.

Prep Up

Ensuring that your car, gadgets, and any equipment accompanying you on your trip are in spark condition will save you a pretty penny. If you are planning a road trip, take your car on a full-service routine checkup and make sure you pack your tool box as well as an extra tire. Camping gear and skating boards should also be packed in serene conditions. Apart from the tools of your oncoming wanderlust, take time to study maps of new places and download one or two apps that can be accessed offline for the same purpose.


At the onset of your planning, define an all-inclusive list of must-haves, should-haves and can-haves. This will …read more

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