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Chromium Engine proves supreme as Microsoft set to drop HTML in favour of it

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Microsoft has tried it’s very best to try and sell us the idea of dumping Google Chrome browser for its new Edge browser that came with Windows 10. However, despite the company’s best effort, Chrome, powered by Chromium engine, remains the people’s choice browser.

And Chrome remains people’s choice browser across all platforms; Windows, macOS, Android, Windows Mobile, and iOS. No matter what Microsoft does, Chrome is still picked first almost always by the majority of people.

HTML engine simply can’t compete with Chromium

Though Edge browser has put up a good fight. It modernized the default Windows browser, and users can attest that it is a great improvement from the Internet Explorer. It has a modern look and feel.

However, it is still running under the EdgeHTML engine, which cannot quite keep up with the Chromium engine running Chrome browser. Despite its greatest effort, HTML engine remains a tough sell for Microsoft, and they have now thrown in the towel and adopted the Chromium engine.

Microsoft is now working on a new browser that will be based on the Chromium engine that will replace Edge. The project is codenamed …read more

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