September 18, 2015 IBOMLLC Team

Clearly Innovative Wins The $100,000 Prize In JP Morgan Chase’s STEM Program

Clearly Innovative Wins The $100,000 Prize In JP Morgan Chase's STEM Program

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We have seen numerous hackathon events organized by various organizations both in and outside the United States, with the intentions of sparking an interest in STEM particularly among the female gender and the minority groups. These initiatives though meant to bring diversity into STEM education and careers, fail to achieve their greatest impact possible.

STEM education and careers are to a great extent dominated by white males, and the female gender and people from minority groups remain widely underrepresented. It is in the spirit of getting the black community onto the STEM bandwagon that Aaron Saunders, the CEO of Clearly Innovative, decided to organize a youth hackathon in Anacostia. An undertaking, Clearly Innovative partnered with DiversiTech to make it possible.

By all measures, the hackathon was undoubtedly a success. However, just like most of once-in-a-while hackathon event, it elicited a lot of excitement before and during the event that soon died with the conclusion of the hackathon event. As usually, there was little to no positive impact registered in the periods after the hackathon event.

Saunders as cited by said, “The kids were …read more

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