June 25, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

College Students Love New Social app DownToDash and Here’s Why


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Down for a Tennis challenge? 5 on 5 Soccer? Need a Travel Buddy? Are friends busy? Looking for a study group? DownToDash connects college students to ‘get social- get active- get going’. DownToDash is an app that connects college students in the same location based on what they are down to do whether it’s workouts, sports, movies or traveling.

It is a completely secure network (no creeps, no random accounts) that works by anonymous swiping. Users can create a specific plan (example: play Tennis on Thursday at 5 pm) and other students can swipe down for the plan.

Popular social media apps show ‘stories’ in the moment or after something happens, DTD shows what people are planning before it actually happens. 56% college students feel lonely when they are at university and 40% foreign students have no close friends on campus (Amherst.edu and Quartz). Besides that, students that have many friends find it difficult to find another student to do a specific activity with, especially when their friends are busy.

Therefore, the app solves a problem for all of them. The app has become popular with students …read more

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