September 26, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

Could blended learning be Africa’s recipe for educational success?

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More and more learners are turning to online courses that enable them to participate in primary, secondary and tertiary education over the web and at a distance from campus.

Debates rage over how best to implement e-learning, particularly in regions such as Sub-Sahara Africa which are ripe for educational reform. In this article, I explain how blended learning works and why it is the ideal choice for the African continent.

Finally, I formulate some effective strategies for rolling out these types of distance education schemes in Africa. This article will be of interest to anyone who wishes to learn more about the latest developments in edtech, and it is relevant both to teachers and lecturers and to learners themselves, as well as being of value to anyone running or wishing to set up an edtech company in Africa.

The educational situation in Africa: where we stand now

I contend that the educational system in Africa is ripe for reform, both in terms of the physical infrastructure by means of which educational content is delivered and in terms of the ways in which education …read more

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