January 12, 2016 IBOMLLC Team

cStyle Bracelets – First Codeable Wearable Tech For Girls

cStyle Bracelets – First Codeable Wearable For Girls

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There is a lot of effort being applied to get more girls interested in pursuing STEM education and careers. All these efforts would yield more fruits if the girls were introduced to STEM at the earliest possible age. That way, they will not adhere to the misleading common belief that STEM is for boys and not just any boys, but the geeky boys.

One Company, PinkThink has come up with an innovative idea of how we can introduce coding to young girls in the form of fun wearable tech. PinkThink has developed the cStyle bracelets, a wearable tech for girls that can be manipulated to change colors, blink, fade in more than 250 different colors.

The change in colors is manipulated by the girls wearing the cStyle bracelet. The girls can change the colors by running various codes on a web-based program on their computer and upload the codes to the bracelet via USB cable or Bluetooth connection. This act is not only fun for the girls but will also spark with them, the interest of coding, programming and STEM education in general.

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