February 5, 2018 IBOMLLC Team

Debunking the Google new Ad-Blocking integration in Chrome 64

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Google shocked the online community last year in April when it announced it will integrate an ad-blocker natively on Chrome browser. Advertisement makes the bulk of the company’s revenue, and Google actively encouraging ad-blocker will be like shooting itself in the foot.

Most people believe this was a calculated move by Google to stop or slow down use of third-party ad-blockers. Otherwise, it will be an up-hill task for Google to convince users to uninstall the third-part ad-blockers they have been using and solely rely on its native one it has baked in Chrome.

Google has already sent information to webmasters that their sites needs to pass a manual review to continue displaying ads. Sites that fail the review will have ads blocked, while those that do pass will continue showing ads.

The criteria Google is using to judge what makes a good ads behavior by a site, and what makes a bad ads behavior is based on the Better Ads Standards. These standards stipulates what is acceptable in terms of the ad formats and how they display. Ads that use pop-ups, …read more

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