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Destination Of The Week, Mbale

Destination Of The Week, Mbale

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Located in the East of Uganda, Mbale is a bustling town towered over by the mighty Mountain Elgon one of the biggest exntict volcanoes in Uganda. Mbale has a population of over 700, 000 people minus those that are always coming, leaving and passing through. Mbale can also be referred to as the “headquarters” of the Bagisu, a bantu tribe that originates from the East of Uganda.

When using public means and heading to Mbale, there are two options; the buses (several available in the bus park located in lower Kampala) or taxis (always get the ones in the park because they don’t do stopovers.)

Your journey from

Mbale district has an olden times feel to it, due to the very many old but well maintained buildings with and out of town that were clearly built in the early 40s and before, the town is always a buzz with people going about their business yet when you look up at the hovering Wanale peak (one of the ranges of Mountain Elgon) you will feel pulled out of the hustle and bustle with the desire to …read more

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