July 23, 2015 IBOMLLC Team

Did NASA Discover Earth-like Planet Within The Milky Way Galaxy?

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At the time of writing this article, it remained less than seven hours before astrophysicists at NASA hold a press conference to announce their latest and perhaps biggest discovery yet. The anticipated press conference has got the science world buzzing as they await the big announcement to be made by NASA.

NASA is set to hold a press conference today on Thursday, July 23rd, to announce their ‘new discoveries’ made from the Kepler mission. A mission set out to search for habitable planets within the Milky Way galaxy. It has emerged that the Kepler spacecraft has been on the search since May 2009 on a journey that took it beyond the Solar System. It has so far discovered over 4,000 planets in a zone referred to as the ‘Goldilocks Zone’; a zone that is neither too hot, nor too cold for life to exist.

Speculations doing rounds, seems to suggests that NASA is going to announce that they have discovered a potential planets as conducive as Earth. Perhaps a planet that is Earth’s twin and orbits another star that is similar to the Solar System’s Sun. These …read more

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