August 9, 2017 IBOMLLC Team

Do you really need to have an Antivirus on your Computer?

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You would be surprised at just how many people still think that is a legitimate question. To not beat around the bush, the answer is yes, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. You always need to have an antivirus (plus an anti-malware if possible) running on the system at all times.

Why do some folks think they don’t need an antivirus?

Well, there is this misleading misconception that an antivirus is only needed by people who are not careful online. So you find this called pro-computer-user who says they don’t just visit any website, open any email (or email attachments), and they don’t insert just any thumb drive to their computer.

In short, they think they are practicing safe computing, but little do they know, they desperately need an antivirus in their system. Operating with one for just one hour could have so many Trojans stealthily installed on your system; to say the least.

So why do you need an antivirus?

Well, an antivirus is always your first line of defense against cyber-attacks. Sometimes you might be so careful, but the internet is just like the road; you are only as safe …read more

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