September 25, 2015 IBOMLLC Team

Dropbox Launching Dropbox Teams To Make Team Collaboration Better

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Dropbox currently boasts of over 400 million users worldwide. About 60% of the cloud storage services are used primarily for work purposes. The company has announced a new feature Dropbox Teams that it will be rolling out within the next few coming weeks.

Dropbox Teams will make team members work synchronize all their files across their different devices and make the team work run smoothly. Additionally, the new feature will also enable users to use both their Dropbox for work account and their personal account. By switching between the two accounts and never having to sign out of either.

A member of the team has to create a team folder where the teamwork files will be stored. Then he will add the team members to the group, and the team folder and all the files stored therein will be available to everyone via their respective Dropbox accounts. Even team members added later on will have full access to the files within the team folder.

Like said earlier, the new feature will give users the option to link their personal and work Dropbox accounts, and never have to sign …read more

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