March 20, 2018 IBOMLLC Team

Effects of 5G on Internet of Things

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5G technology is the talk of the town as the technology is about to change the current era of connectivity forever. According to an estimate, 5G’s infrastructure market alone will be worth about $34 billion by 2020. 5G is an innovative network platform that will provide greater speeds at very low latency serving various different types of devices. Just imagine an internet connection which is 100 times faster than your current 4G! With 5G more devices and more people will be able to connect with each other at the same time.

Effects of 5G on Internet of Things

The fifth generation technology is expected to result into steadfast communication along with bringing the “Internet of Things” which is a network connecting not just computers and phones, but also smart cars, robots, security cameras, smart watches or home appliances. Moreover, it will help in developing smart cities too. 5G will move us towards massive Machine Type Communication (mMTC) which will spread data in real-time.

5G and smart cars

5G technology is the key of communication for autonomous cars. Every hour smart cars generate data in terabytes between its camera …read more

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