October 17, 2015 IBOMLLC Team

El Nino Watch: 9 Top Disruptions, And How to Cope When Travelling

El Nino

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If you are planning to travel to East Africa, or any other region this holiday season, chances are you’ll have to contend with less than pleasant weather patterns. But above this, there a few aspects of your travel that will need to bow to Mother Nature…and may remain bowed if you don’t take a few precautions! Here are a few tips to forewarn and forearm you into the El Nino period, as highlighted by travel advisors from Jovago.com.

Flight Cancellations

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Airlines especially will have a tough time due to the stormy weather which will lead to cancellations, rebooking and at times emergency landings with unpredictable lay overs. This, in return will force tour organizers to craft up flexible itineraries to accommodate unseen circumstances. It’s important for tourists to notify their tour organizers of any warnings and instructions during their boarding, inflight and midair change of plans where possible. Keeping in touch throughout the journey will keep at bay any unnecessary anxiety and disruptions. Do revise and get a grip on your rights when flights go wrong, and also consult your travel insurer as well.

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