March 10, 2016 IBOMLLC Team

Enterprise Software and the Benefits to Every Organization

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Enterprise software can be most simply defined as a group of computer programs that are focused on the needs of an entire organization rather than just a few specific users. Enterprise software is applicable and relevant to schools, clubs, governments, charities, interest-based user groups and business of all sizes. An enterprise software package may include:

Automated billing systems


Human resource management

Online payment processing

Online shopping

Customer relationship management

IT service management


Most groups are able to purchase an enterprise software package that is customized based on their specific needs, as most programs have systems and departments in common, although every organization requires different pieces of the puzzle. CEOs like Charles Phillips of Infor are jumping on the bandwagon created by enterprise software and the ability to save time, money and resources for organizations.

What Does Enterprise Software Do?

Enterprise software may simplify the jobs performed by an IT department, even as the needs of employees, shareholders, and customers are met. These packages have the ability to analyze, manipulate, and store data that is crucial to the future of the company. The ultimate goal is to improve the efficiency and productivity of …read more

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